Sunday 21st May, 2006

9 AM – The Backs, Cambridge. Filming today on the river Cam which is being the river Thames for us. At least we would be were it not for the rain – one of the pitfalls of filming in an English summer!

For this scene Elizabeth, her ladies and Walsingham are travelling down the Thames on the Queen’s barge – the same barge that was used for ‘A Man for All Seasons’ as it happens.
In Elizabeth’s London, the Thames was not a barrier but the main highway of the city. With only one bridge crossing the river (London Bridge) it was the easiest route for getting from the north to the south bank and the main transport link between the major palaces, noble houses and churches. Travelling by road was possible but it was slow, often muddy and generally avoided by any who could. For most that meant hiring a wherry (the small rowing boats that acted as the minicabs of the day), larger outings (or richer clients) might hire a tilt-boat (a large rowing boat with a canopy over it (the equivalent of a black cab perhaps). Wealthy lords however had their own barges at their disposal and Elizabeth’s was the grandest of all, gliding her down the river to the accompaniment of her own musicians – the perfect occasion for Walsingham to mention the prickly question of marriage….

10 thoughts on “Sunday 21st May, 2006

  1. Dear Justin
    I loved the water-staged scenes in Elizabeth — so, water again! This will be spectacular to see. Thanks for sharing the names of the different boat types — I’d heard of wherries, and loved the name, but didn’t know what they were.
    love, Heather

  2. Was their an attempt on Elizabeth’s life during one of her barge-rides down the Cam with him?
    Be happy you only have rain-we had snow all day yesterday!! Totally out of season; but, Mother Nature seems to be on vacation! lol

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  4. The scenes in college were like something out of WW1 – a great many extras in drab greens and olives huddling for shelter/sleep wherever they could out of the rain.
    The whole filming process has been very surreal to see from close up – for instance walking through a doorway into second court and being confronted abruptly by three armoured soldiers on horseback suprised me a little 😀

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    Hi. Since when did you change your name to “Justin”? Is he an assistant of yours who is posting here on your behalf? I don’t get it. Did I miss something?

  6. wow, you were there??I’d just love to watch a production being made! gosh, I’d be happy to be the sweeper or something, just to be involved! lol I took theatre arts all through school; but, when my break came, to play the lead, in Joan of Arc-I blew it on a boyfriend! (gentle smiles) but, oh to be 18 again! lol

  7. I was there ‘cos they’re filming where I study – St. John’s College – not ‘cos i’m part of the crew or anything. But yeah, it’s been interesting watching it all.

  8. Oh I think I got it. Justin is indeed an assistant of yours, Shekhar, who is writing here on your behalf. Coz his style of writing is markedly different than yours.
    Correct me if I’m wrong in my assumption.

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