Sound, so pure is ..

neither the sound of ‘om’
echoing across the universe
bounced only by the eons of time

nor the chants of a thousand Gregorian monks
neither a million ‘amens’
resounding across the world on christmas eve
nor all the calls to prayer in the name of Allah
not even the gentle patter of the first monsoon rain
nor the gurgling of the little brook
joining hands across the landsape
to form the mighty Ganges
but the laughter of little children

18 Responses to “Sound, so pure is ..”

  1. Kavitha says:

    …to form the mighty Ganges
    but the laughter of little children…
    but the sound of SILENCE
    of being under the oceans
    and hearing ITS music of silence
    of being a speck in space
    and hearing ITS music of silence

  2. Heather says:

    Beautiful, thank you.

  3. Kavitha says:

    Shekhar — interesting that you changed the topic header from “Sounds, so pure, is…” πŸ™‚ Shifts the positioning focus to “children” vs. “sounds”

  4. Kavitha says:

    shekhar, i preferred the “sounds…”. That header flowed well into the lines and thoughts that immediately followed (= logical flow). With the new header it reads a li’l more abrupt..i guess it’s the missing verb too that makes it seem abrupt…

  5. Navin says:

    The first title was better, simply because it came from the heart and was not thought of. Thinking too much kills spontaineity.

  6. Cinda says:

    I like “Children”, perhaps because I work with children in Kindergarten and we hear all kinds of sounds all day long but it’s the laughter which keeps us going…the children’s laughter, so pure and so true to the moment.
    Beautiful write Shekharji.

  7. kapil joshi says:

    this title sounds too “matter of fact”,the earlier title sounded more “eternal”,however,thanks a ton
    for creating this freedom of choice.

  8. Heather says:

    Hi Shekhar,
    I preferred the original title as well. Not because of abruptness or lack of it, but because it was a mini puzzle, and in requiring the reader to work it out, it drew me deeper into the poem.
    Cheers, Heather

  9. kavitha says:


  10. kavitha says:

    for rethinking the header…

  11. Kriti says:

    Something so simple and yet explained with all its glory, emphasising and capturing every detail so observantly.

  12. Nice Shekhar. Loved the poetry. I want to ask you if you read works of Osho? He is full of poetry, so sweet and melodious. When he speaks, it sounds like music, not just words. When I read this piece of poem, it reminded me of Osho.

  13. neil bisarya says:

    she picks up her toy
    and looks at it with wonder
    perhaps with more wonder
    than the astronaut
    picking up a moon rock.
    when she smiles
    although there may be mischief
    in the twinkling of her eye,
    it’s not the smile of a politician
    there’s no falsity or agenda
    hiding there,
    just pure joy and affection.
    and when she cries
    the tears are spilt
    as if all of her world
    has gone askew.
    but a moment later,
    all is new.
    from moment
    to moment,
    from one experience
    to the next
    everything is ever fresh.
    life’s confidence
    and beauty
    spring eternal
    in the joy and wonder
    of children.

  14. icyvolcano_5 says:

    I am back here again reading more of it…
    The sound is good and as Tagore said every child comes with the message that God is not yet tired of man so ultimate sound has to be that of a child’s pure, so unadulterated, so vital with promise of life but just as that child grows and comes in contact with the dos and donts of society the innocence and purity of mirth dies a sad death..
    But Shekhar I musta say I love every sound that you describe in ur verse…they are too pure and releasing
    I posted a comment on ur Juhu article yesterday & I dont find myself accepted in this web yet…haha
    cheers & take care

  15. suresh kumar says:

    apparantly the sound is pronounced as AUM (A-U-M).

  16. Priyesha says:

    “but the laughter of little children”
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