Before you fell in love

where did love exist
before you tuned in ?

all you heard
was the static
that was the chaos
that enveloped
the harmony

12 Responses to “Before you fell in love”

  1. Cinda says:

    …where the wind blows
    and sacred rugs are woven
    there in between the threads
    the invisible spaces
    that bind them together

  2. Nidhi says:

    Love yr poetry! awesome stuff.
    glad ur blogging too! hope u don’t stop like a lot of starters do.

  3. sujith kumar says:

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  4. preeti says:

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  5. piyali says:

    I love your eyes
    As they
    Accommodate the truth
    In its various hues.
    And I hate your eyes
    As they
    Accommodate the truth
    In its various hues.

  6. Luk says:

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  7. Victor says:

    all you need is love! ))

  8. Luk says:

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