help me
down the mountain

help me
breathe again
I’ve played the game
had my
15 seconds of fame
give me the courage
once again
to be ordinary

6 Responses to “courage”

  1. yashwantvyas says:

    being an ordinary person
    we all r here
    we just have to be with our souls
    but some of orr souls are too in search of ordinary ones..
    thats how we seek u
    u r by heart
    than why the purity is comparative, imperative
    ..and… on

  2. Vijay Nair says:

    hello…nice blog…nicer poetry…keep writing and keep making good movies….

  3. mukund says:

    Shall help you down the mountain ,provided you are willing to still play the game ,play the game as shekhar kapur ………and try for buddha once again.

  4. can’t u see a buddha and buddhi hav to be there with buddhu like us ,lv us and seen with smiling eyes?

  5. Cinda says:

    …help me find this place
    where my feet can
    once again rest
    with peace.

  6. Raksha Bharadia says:

    If I may add a line…
    Till I can create again!

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